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Lisa Jackson, Independent Editor and Writer


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Here are some details about me.

Lisa J. Jackson, freelance editor and writer

* Experience: Over twenty years of writing and over ten years of editing.  I currently work with published and unpublished authors and writers in the US, UK, and Canada.

* Philosophy: "Honor the creativity."

* Primary focus: To aid the writer with polishing piece of writing so that it is ready for submission and/or publication.

* Hobbies: reading, cycling, hiking, rollerblading, walking, sudoku, photography, traveling, kayaking, learning, listening to all types of music, dancing, food, people watching. 
   I'm quite proud to be a Big Sister through the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization, and since Oct of '05 I have been matched with my "Little Sis" Coryauna.  She's a beacon in my life.  We have a lot of fun together each week.  She keeps me young and we're always making each other laugh.  :)

I work independently and focus on one project at a time.