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A peek at personal writing milestones.


Attended "Women in the Workplace" conference in Manchester, NH. What an EXCELLENT use of my time. Lots of fantastic professional women to network with.




I was one of four panelists for New England College's "Get Published! Careers and Writing" speaking to students about the freelance writing and editing life. Also interviewed for an article on my participation in the event.




Received notification of my acceptance as an editor with Story Circle.  Woo hoo!




Submitted a quote to NHWP as to what I found benefitting me the most in getting my writing to the 'next level'.  Will be included in their March newsletter.




Submitted a short story to Cup of Comfort for consideration in their "Grieving Hearts" anthology.




Submitted an essay about my weekly accountability group to Bylines 2010.




Article on the Alvirne Chapel in Hudson, NH was accepted by New Hampshire ToDo magazine. Article will be out in April edition.




Submitted resume and required information to be considered for an editor position with Story Circle.




Have reviewed my '08 and have set high goals for myself for '09. It's all coming together nicely and I'm quite excited about what's coming up!




Landed a content editor position with another publishing house. I am now contracting for two and freelancing for a third. Great experience and I get to meet several new authors a year, in addition to my freelance editing.



Attended my first seminar for small business owners. It's time to get out and network locally. It's all good!




Wrapped up my third weeklong MUSE Online Writing Conference today. Each year it gets better and bigger. The contacts I make there are priceless and I owe much of my writing connections and networks to the folks I continue to meet through this venue.




First round judge for NOLA Stars - Suzannah contest with five stories in five different categories. I really enjoy working with writers and their manuscripts!




Landed my first book contract!  WOW! Pretty cool to receive a personal call from the publisher and hearing she'd like to publish me. Life is really good! 




I'm a first-round judge for the Dark Paranormal category of the RWI-RWA Where the Magic Begins contest. They've given me five entries to judge.



Got my first editing project with an international software company. Only 2% of all applicants manage to pass their extensive and quite detailed editing test, and I'm quite psyched to now be onboard with them. The experience is priceless.




Started a presence on Facebook and have started reconnecting with old high school classmates. Plan to use the platform for my writing and editing work. I decided to jump into it from doing research on online social networking sites for It's amazing how much I can learn with a little research.




Got notified about passing the second part of a two-part editing test a relatively new publishing house. They will pull me in for manuscript content editing and reviews when they need me.




Applied for an editing position with a relatively new publishing house. Depending on how well I do on their two-part editing test, I could land a content editor postion and work directly with authors (preferred option), or be a simple line editor who works with content editors to give a final polish to a manuscript. 




I've been working with a local author on his thriller novel manuscript for a few months. He's just garnered the attention of a large NY agency, so we got together and reviewed a few chapters before he sent them off. He'll be published and in the mainstream soon. It's quite exciting to see someone's efforts and persistence pay off!




I hung out with mystery writers today in Portsmouth, NH. We were even gossiped about before our arrival!  In the 7/24/08 Portsmouth Herald's Weekend Scene Magazine, in the "Gossip" section it said: 

Real Stories of Women in Law Enforcement
"Award-winning mystery author and city of Portsmouth employee Pat Remick invited a slew of murderous woman to town — and they're coming. On July 27 the New England chapter of Sisters in Crime will tour the Portsmouth Police station. The event "The Real Stories of Women in Law Enforcement" was organized by Remick, and will be guided by Exeter author Felicia Donovan and Capt. Janet Champlin."


It was a fabulous day. Great insight into the workings of a police department and its various departments. We all left with a lot of ideas churning in our minds.  :D




I was a first-round judge of three paranormal entries in the NJ RWA Put Your Heart in a Book contest. 



I have just volunteered to write a monthly column on grammar tips for the TWC Spotlight newsletter put out by The Writer's Chatroom.  Awesome!




Won tickets through NH To Do to attend a comedy show at the IOKA Theatre in Exeter tonight. My friend and I checked out Water Street Book Store (an independent bookstore), dined at the Loaf and Ladle, then had dessert at this GREAT bakery/cafe called Me & Ollies. If we lived closer, we'd definitely have Me & Ollies on our list of venues to visit each week for writing.  It was very conducive to writers.




I'm 'in the news' at a business coach site. I worked with Monica Brunaccini when deciding to leave the corporate world. She's great. When I had an opportunity to write an article on how business coaching I added her link to the article. She's letting her clients know.  It's amazing how networking can benefit people years after initial contact.  :)




So this is cool.  My "Stanley, Juanita and Nuthanial" essay for NH Outside was selected to be in the 2009 NH Outside calendar!  It'll be the November feature.  I love that story.  It's based on my experience with a squirrels nest in the tree just off the deck of my apartment.




YES!  Made a pitch on Sunday and just heard from the editor.  I've landed a paid assignment with a regional magazine - New Hampshire ToDo.  It's distributed in 11 states and online!  My article will be in the July edition which comes out June 15th.  I'll have a photo and bio on the contributors page too!  (happy dance, happy dance)  I get to share my passion of NH with many others!




Have completed 'training' and am now writing articles for and  It's freelance work-from-home contract work.  Woo hoo!




Not yet writing related - but I'm now a Granite State Ambassador (GSA).  I get to volunteer at visitor centers and other places to assist visitors in finding what they want in NH.  It's a great networking opportunity, and also a wonderful way to see parts of the state I don't normally get to hang around in.  I know I'll be incorporating my newfound experiences and knowledge into stories and articles.




I was a first-round judge for the San Antonio Merritt contest for the "Paranormal Romance" category.




My writing experience now includes ad copy for books. 

Okay, this is not directly writing-related.  But it's huge.  To me.  As of this afternoon I completed 1,001 miles on my bicycle this year.  I didn't set out with the goal, didn't think I liked cycling that much, but once I realized my mileage was accumulating, I set the 1,000 mile goal, and voila!  I made it! 


Lots of thanks to my riding partner.  The good conversation makes the time fly by, and riding with someone who cycles a lot more than I do makes me step up my game! 


Next year I'll strive for 1800 miles.


Goals are achieved one step at a time!  And cycling improves my health which gives me more energy for writing.  It also clears my head which gives the characters more room to run around.  See?  It's sort of writing-related!




Just wrapped up my week-long attendance at the Muse Online Writing Conference.  If you've ever been to a writing conference, you know how exhausting it can be - all the mingling and meeting and learning and walking and talking and socializing and pitching and writing, and, yeah, it's a great experience, but exhausting. 


Well, attending a conference online is even MORE exhausting, I think, but also a lot more beneficial.  It brings in an audience from around the globe.  The friendships made are probably more real and longer-lasting than those "in-person" conferences.  The camaraderie can't be beat.  And the contacts are priceless.

I'm now in the recuperative stage.  All my work went on hold last week so now I'm playing catch up while still processing all that I gleaned from the conference.  I attended over 31 sessions in all.  I have gobs of handouts, publishing contacts, resource links, and a lot of new writing friends.  I've already blocked off the week for next year's conference.  :)




I was a first-round judge in RWA's Golden Rose contest.  Three entries I judged became finalists in the "Mainstream" category.




I was a discrepancy judge in the San Antonio Merritt contest for the "Series Contemporary" category.