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Lisa Jackson, Independent Editor and Writer

Write Your Way - Editing & Writing Services

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Here are details on the editorial services I provide and why you should contact me for more information.

I offer the following for non-fiction/fiction of any length:

*Manuscript review
*Manuscript editing 

*Line editing

*Copy editing


Special note on manuscripts:
Email me about your project. Include a brief description, the approximate total word count, and attach an RTF document of the first 1000-1500 words.
    This will allow me to judge if it's a project I can take on. I will return your sample with my edits and comments, so you can see if my editorial style and comments fit your needs.
I will quote you a fee based on my estimate of the amount of work needed. The fee is payable in advance, preferably through PayPal, but can be by check. Work will not start until money clears. Deliverable will be 30 days from that time. (I am willing to do 50% up front with final 50% received before I deliver the edited manuscript and my comments.)
Non-fiction takes more effort than fiction, so pricing is according to amount of research and technical details needing verification.
Manuscripts must be submitted in standard submission format - all chapters within a single RTF document, Courier or New Times Roman font, size 12.

Here are some reasons to choose me over other freelance editors:

* I do not change your voice - I will correct obvious issues within a manuscript, but I highlight and make suggestions for sentences that don't work.  It's up to you if you want to make changes.

* Flexibility in all aspects of your project
* I work in full partnership with you
* I don't accept all work - you need to like my style and I need to feel comfortable with your project
* I always meet/beat my deadlines
* Over thirteen years of editing experience 
* Everything is handled online
* Ability to meet in person (if we're local to each other)
Extremely reasonable freelance editor rates and pricing 
* No surprises once project starts

I just want to say - you are truely amazing....If I had gone over the novel a hundred times I still would not have found everything you have..and now I am a firm believer that professional editing is a mandatory part of the writing process.
Ben Kaya
I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa on three separate occasions, each requiring either editing or writing.  She has always been the true professional.

Recently I updated my website, adding several pages.  Lisa edited it for me, sending me a full page of items that needed attention.  She noticed the smallest font change, whether a page opened in the same window or another, how each live link worked - or didn't, and even if there was an extra space that shouldn't be there.  I made those changes and then she went over it again - sending me another half page of "issues" that I had missed and/or had corrupted when uploading.

First impressions are important in the writing business and my website is where I showcase my work.

Whether editing or writing for you, Lisa will do a superb job.  She is a professional and it shows in her work.

If you should have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Linda J. Hutchinson
Freelance Writer/Copywriter
I used various online sources to locate talented editors. When I had a list of twenty-four I began reading their bios from their sites or things others may have said about them. I was able to narrow my list down to three editors. One was from New York City. Another was an expatriate living in China. And the last was Lisa of New Hamphiire.

I sent each of them a few pages from my manuscript and asked that they do as thorough a job editing those pages as they would the entire manuscript.

Lisa’s insights were spot on. She took a no-holds-barred approach to commenting on the material, ripping right into it with the tenacity of a graduate level English professor.  I was forced to swallow my pride and dismiss my ego so that I could see the truth in what she was saying about my material; she went well beyond my typos and plowed into the storyline, finding glitches in my reasoning and disconnects in the flow.  

Her expertise, professionalism and respect for the field of editing is evident. She knows the craft and the rules that make it viable. She is the reason writers seek out editors.

If you are fortunate enough to contract with her, and I believe you would be fortunate, let her do her work. Don’t (like I did at first) pester her with an endless stream of “how’s it going with my manuscript” emails. She’s working and she’s focused. She’ll meet her deadline and she will find and edit all those “oops” items you hired her to find, and many more that will surprise you.

As I said above, she has my highest recommendation.

Most Sincerely,

Donald Penn Bryant

Lisa - EXCELLENT feedback.  Many of your comments help me crystalize concerns that I had in my own mind about the piece.

Thanks for your diligence and attention to detail.

Joel Radford